【Product Review】 My Office All Day Healthy Drinks Routine - LYNNITY Natural Supplements

How do you kick start your day?
For me, a healthy breakfast is important.
Not only the food is important, but also the wellness supplement drinks too.


A healthy drink is my first choice.

LYNNITY Natural Supplements, Botanic Health, Botanic Superfood
LYNNITY Natural Supplements, Botanic Health, Botanic Superfood

Botanic Health by Lynnity

LYNNITY Natural Supplements, Botanic Health
Small sachets, I will put in my bag when I'm out of my house.
It's easy and convenient and just mix with 200ml lukewarm water and it's ready to consume with my breakfast.

Botanic Health contains of fruits, vitamins, mineral and etc.
The main benefits are good for our bone and joint health as well as helping us to prevent osteoporosis.
It's also helped in reducing cholesterol & blood pressure.

Recommended for adult and especially for elderly and post-menopausal women (which at risk of bone loss).
Consume continuously for 10 days to see the results.


I will take a Meal Replacement when I was in a rush for the breakfast.
And sometimes, I will take it’s as Dinner, when I wish to skip the Dinner in order to control my body weight.

Botanic Superfood by Lynnity

LYNNITY Natural Supplements, Botanic Superfood
I had tried another brand of meal replacement before, but the taste of the drinks was not pleased.
However, this Botanic Superfood had changed my view to meal replacement.
The taste is nice, like soy milk.

Botanic Superfood contains of fruits, vegetables, grains and protein.
It’s composed all the nutrition from four key food groups for our daily required nutrients to deliver a healthy eating, living and family.

It's good for the immune system, digestive function.
Also help in develop of eye, bone & brain health.
Reduce risk of heart disease, cholesterol, high blood pressure, cancer, and diabetes and eye disease.
And, one important benefit for me, which is help in maintains healthy body weight.

Botanic Superfood, not only suitable for adult, but also for child and elder.


I know many of those people will choose Coffee as their kick-start drinks.
However, I more prefer to have my Coffee Time during the afternoon or tea time.
Especially I will feel lazy and powerless at this time, and I need Coffee to make me awake and double boost energy made my day more alertness and focus.

Lynnity Coffee

LYNNITY Natural Supplements, Lynnity Coffee
My spiritual drink.
Two selections of coffee available in Lynitty.

Borneo Forest Specialty Coffee - Instant Black Coffee
Borneo Forest Specialty Coffee with Eurycoma Longifolia

LYNNITY Natural Supplements, Lynnity Coffee
LYNNITY Natural Supplements, Lynnity Coffee
Add one packet to 150ml of hot water, a cup of aromatic coffee will be ready.

LYNNITY Natural Supplements, Lynnity Coffee
An aromatic coffee.

Although the taste is a bit bitter, but will feel the sweetness after swallows it.
Be honest, i'm not a coffee lover/ fans.
I don't like the bitterness of the coffee.
However, taste of Lynitty Coffee was acceptable.

Borneo Forest Specialty Coffee was a healthier coffee.
non GMOs, no salt, Alcohol free, sugar free, peanut free, no artificial additives & coloring and etc.

Lynnity Coffee with Euycoma Longifolia (Tongkat Tali), Tinospora Cordifolia (Pakawali) and Smilax Myosotiflora (Ubi Jaga) with additional benefits of the booting immune system and metabolism, improve muscle mass, strength and mood.
Help in reducing stress, headaches and etc.
And it's had additional benefits, especially to man, increase testosterone and sperm motility.


All of the above mentioned products were in 15 sachets per box.
All was in convenient packing, easy to bring.

For more Lynnity products, you may check out at their website Lynnity.


They are launching a Promotion now at 11 Street & Lazada.
50% off storewide with no minimum purchase.
Free Shipping within West Malaysia.

Check out now at 11Street & Lazada.
Everything you and your family need to be healthy.
Grab these awesome deals now.

Stay tune to my Instagram for more Lynnity products to share with you all.

【Apps Review】【Haul】Easy Online Shopping with Lazada Malaysia Mobile App & MOLPay Cash

Hi Guys!
Did you all also same like me, like to shopping online?
Once have the time to sit in front of the computer or laptop, sure will surfing in the online shop/ website.
(even thought you are not planning to but anythings)

But, now you can easily online shopping whenever you go as long as the smartphone is with you.
(but also must with the data or wifi, of course)
Many of the online platform had launched the mobile app to ease the customer for online shopping.
Same thing happened to Lazada Malaysia.
Download the Lazada Malaysia apps now from Play store or App store.

📱        📱       📱       📱       📱       📱       📱        📱        📱        📱        📱        📱        📱        📱

Play store

Main Page

Mother's Day is around the corner.
Lazada Malaysia also helped us to classify.
Easy for us to searching.

Click on the top left icon to find out more categories.

Click on the "Search Lazada" to search the items.
Key in the keywords or brands.
It's fast to search the items you wish to find.

I found it.
Neutrogena in Skin Care.
The product page come with Overview | Product Details | Ratings & Reviews
I really like the Ratings & Reviews.
It's help us to avoid from step on landmines (bomb).

Click "Add to Cart" to put into your shopping basket.

Check your item under "My Cart".

Click "Proceed to Checkout".

Choose the Address that you wish the item shipping to.
Delivery option.

Click "Proceed to Pay".

There are many method of payment available.
Card/ Online Banking/ COD/ Alipay/ PayPal/ 7-Eleven.

That's right, now you can make the payment at any 7-Eleven cashier.
And, it's a over counter payment in cash.
MOLPay leading payment gateway in southeast Asia.
MOLPay CASH accepts cash payments for online purchases.
Stay to the end to find out how easy to use the MOLPay CASHservice.

Apply the Voucher code if any.

Click "Place Order".

The Order is been placed.
A mesej will pop out to guide you to make the payment via MOLPay Cash.

Make the payment within 48 hours at any 7-Eleven store cashier through MOLPay Cash.

A Transaction ID is given.
The ID required when you make the payment at 7-Eleven.

And, not to worry.
A details email will sent to you.

When to the 7-Eleven nearest to you.
Tell the cashier that you want to MOLPay.
Present the Transaction ID to them.
Pay the payment with cash.
And, it's DONE.

A receipts will given to you.

Easy and fast.
Really convenient.
Not need to scared the insecure in using card or online banking.
(I know some of the people still not so believe in online transaction) 

📱        📱       📱       📱       📱       📱       📱        📱        📱        📱        📱        📱        📱        📱

First time using MOLPay Cash.
And, I like it.
I no need to spend the time in key in the details when pay via card or online banking.
I just need to make the payment at 7-Eleven when I passed by.
(And 7-Eleven is now everywhere around us)

I'm fans of Lazada Malaysia.
Variety of items available to choose.
And, now MOLPay also become one of the point to shop on Lazada Malaysia.
And, Lazada Malaysia Mobile App, shop wherever you go.

【Haul】How I Spend My Lucky Lazada RM500 Voucher

Have you guys still remember that,
I had won myself a RM 500 shopping voucher from Lazada on December 2016?

It's a blogger contest from Lazada.
I know that I'm still a newbie in all among of the contestants - bloggers.
My post was simple and short if compared to other people post.
What I can only say was,
I'm so LUCKY.

And, today,
I would like to have a simple post to shared what I had get for myself with this RM 500 Voucher at Lazada.

⤼     ⤼     ⤼     ⤼     ⤼     ⤼      ⤼     ⤼     ⤼     ⤼     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽

Musical Instruments
BLW 21 inch 4 Nylon Strings Soprano Ukelele Hawaii Guitar
(Free Bag, Chord Chart, Picks)

I always wish to learn a musical instruments (at least).
And, Ukulele quite famous before, I think is due to it's easy carry character.
Ya...I get myself a Ukulele.

I actually not so familiar with Ukulele.
And, after choose this, I only found out that there have different Ukulele for different level.
And, luckily, the one I choose - Soprano is suitable for beginners to medium level.
If I'm not mistaken, the sound also in a medium range (not so high pitch or too low).


Chord Chart

The Ukulele is came with a picks and also a chord chart.
But I actually learn my Ukulele from YouTube.
It's really hard to play chord.
If one of you know how to play Ukulele, can you share some tips with me?

⤼     ⤼     ⤼     ⤼     ⤼     ⤼      ⤼     ⤼     ⤼     ⤼     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽

Hair Settling Appliances
Philips Easy Natural Curler BH777/03

Hair Curler, also an another stuff that I craving for long time.
I always wish to know, how I look like with curl hair style.
(Although I know curl hairstyle not so suitable for me)
(But got one hairstylists said I can try a slightly curve)

This hair curler, I also use it as straightener.
I really like it's design, it's really can prevent us from scald.
And, compared to other hair iron, I think this can keep my hairstyle more stay long.

⤼     ⤼     ⤼     ⤼     ⤼     ⤼      ⤼     ⤼     ⤼     ⤼     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽

Hair Styling Appliances
Protable 1" Mini Travel Crimper Hair Crimping Iron

Hair Crimper, another stuff under my wishilist.
It's a “savior” for those with flattened hair.
The product come with two (2) hair clips and one (1) comb.

However, the plug was in 'china' plug.
You required a converter in order to use it (and the product did not come with the converter).

The result of this crimper was not so obvious.
Required more times to get the result.

⤼     ⤼     ⤼     ⤼     ⤼     ⤼      ⤼     ⤼     ⤼     ⤼     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽

Hair Removal Appliances
Panasonic Epilator ES2082

Malaysia, 365 days in Summer.
Sleeveless cloths always our 1st choice.
But, Girls, if you have the same problem faced as me.
Underarm hair!!
then we can only say "BYE" to sleeveless.

But not a totally Bye if you remove your hair also. 

This Epilator can be use in Wet/ Dry.
Can use to remove underarm, leg and other body parts.
It's different with those hair removal with blades - those more in 'cut' hair mode.
This Epilator is like 'plucking' our hair.
It's may more painful, but the result is more good and can reduce the speed of hair growth.

⤼     ⤼     ⤼     ⤼     ⤼     ⤼      ⤼     ⤼     ⤼     ⤼     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽

SanDisk Ultra 32GB Dual USB Drive 3.0 Flash Drive for OTG Andriod Smartphones & Tablet

The reason I get this is to use as a "MP3" for my car.
To connect the USB in my car, listen to my favorite song while driving.
OTG USB is convenience, it's also can use for our phones. 

I can put a lots of song inside.
Also, you can save the movie/ shows and play it on your smartphones.

It's small and look nice.
But, must be careful with this size of USB drive.
I have a pendrive with this size, and always get lost with it.

⤼     ⤼     ⤼     ⤼     ⤼     ⤼      ⤼     ⤼     ⤼     ⤼     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽     ⤽

 Really thanks to Lazada.
Also, it's nice to shop at Lazada.
Wide range of product available.

【Product Review】KAO MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask

We all know the need of having face mask to keep our skin look healthy and hydrate.
However, do you know that there is also important for your to keep our eye look energetic and spirit - Eye Mask.
Do you hear about Steam Eye Mask?
If no, let's keep move on to get know about this 'new' product that launched online in early of April.

KAO MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask 

Do you hear about this KAO MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask?
I do have.
Most of the people may know about brand of KAO.
Biore, Laurier, Attack detergent, MagicClean are all the product from KAO.
and, Megthythm, is the latest addition to the Malaysia market.
The KAO Megrhythm will be launching online early April.
(stay tune to the end, to get know where you can get them)

KAO Megrhythm is a healthy and beauty product from Japan.
No.1 Sale in Japan
(based on Intage Sri Eye Care products market Jan'14 ~ Dec'15 total sales value)

Japan R&D - an innovative Self Warming technology
Helps to Relax, Refresh and Relieve our tired and hardworking eyes.

Steam eye mask, as the name implies, it's will treat your eyes to a steam bath (40℃).
Comfortable heat gradually spreads to gently envelop the eyes, moistens and soothes our eyes.
The steam/ temperature is comfortable and acceptable.
It's wont't hot but warm.
(be careful when 1st time use, it's really shock me)
It's warm up immediately upon opening of pouch.
Action fast to wear it once open, and don't to worry, because it's easy to apply.

with Special Ear Strap Design.
It's prevent slipping and sliding, whether you are lying down or sitting up.
Giving you comfort in any position.
I even try to turn around when lying on bed, and the eye mask totally kept and maintained.

" Do you wonder how is the steam produced? "

Photo give a clear explanation.

Heat-generating pad containing iron powder and moisture.
Once the iron powder contact with oxygen in the air, it will oxidizing and heat will be produce.
(this is why we much act fast once we opened the pack)
Moisture will be evaporated by the heat, and the steam effect will be produced.

Let's share about how I feel and how much I love this product.
Still remember the first time I apply it, I was shocked by it heat.
Too sudden and feel 'hot'.
But, it's really feel comfortable and relax when having the steam eye mask.
I almost fell asleep.
Yup, I apply the steam eye mask before bedtime.
and sometimes i will fall in sleep with wearing the eye mask.
Too relax.

But sometimes, I will feel more energetic after the steam eye mask.
The tiredness has been relived.
I'm now almost having this steam eye mask once every two (2) days.
Sometimes will apply it continuously for several days
It's really feel relax, refresh and relieve.
Especially after one whole day sit in front of  computer, tired and hardworking eyes.
KAO MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask really can help.

KAO MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask not only to use before bedtime.
Also can use it while traveling or during the break time in office.
Give our eyes a care and give them relax.
Convenient to use, Anytime Anywhere.
10 minutes time.

👀 Available In Different Scent 👀
Unscented - de-stress, relaxes and brigthens up tired eyes
(basic function)

Eye Mask with scent give an extra marks and points:-
Fresh Rose - soothes and brighten your mood
Lavender Sage - calms and relaxes your senses
Chamomile Ginger - reduces and relieves stress
Yuzu - refreshes and calms your senses

The scent was light, feel refresh and calm.

👀 How Much It's Cost 👀
It's costs RM 23 per box.
One box contains five (5) pieces of steam eye mask.

👀 Where To Get Them 👀
You can get them easily through online/ major e-commerce sites from 24th April onwards:- 
(click to enter the site)

You can get it in-store at:-
Aeon Wellness

And don't forget to Like their Facebook - MegRhythm MY to get know the latest and surprises.

👀 Sample Request 👀
If you would like to try them out, you can request for a sample!
All you need to do is follow the link and fill in the necessary details.
Sample Request

Share your KAO MegRhythm experience on Facebook and Instagram and don't forget to hashtag it
#MegRhythmMY #RelaxRefreshRelieve #Watsons #AeonWellness

👀 Giveaway 👀
I also hosting a Giveaway.
Participation can be do on Facebook or Instagram.
Click below to try for your luck.

Cut off date : 29th April 2017
Winner will be announce on 6th May 2017

【Product Review】Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer

Every women will having hair problems.
Not only our hair style will affect our appearance.
A tiny details may also affect our appearance, confidence and give difference impression to others.
Eyebrows and Upper Lip & Chin, did you notice that they are also important to our overall appearance?

My own experience, trim eyebrows is very important.
A neat eyebrows hair is the 1st important make up on our face.
However, many people will say, they don't know how to do it properly and afraid of messing it up.

Another troubled problem faced by many women, Underarm hair.
(very envy those without underarm hair)
And, bikini lines also another troubled problem.
(but it's OK for those din't wear bikini or short swimming pants)

And, today I will introduce a beauty tools that will help the above trouble.

Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer

- Beauty Pouch
- Styler Cap
- AA Battery
2-sided Trimming Head
- Body
- Trimming Head 20mm
- Comb Attachement
- 2mm & 4mm Comb Attachment
- Cleaning Brush


Let's talk on the Body of the electric trimmer.
some protruded 'particles'
prevent slippy 

twist to 🔽to unlock (replace battery)
twist to to off
twist to to on
(simple operate)

two (2) dots/ points
to use as an aligner when attach the trimming head

There are two (2) replaceable trimming head.
One for Body Area, One for Face.
Trimming head 20mm, 2-headed trimming head



Eyebrows, Upper Lip & Chin and Sideburns
 2-sided trimming head in 16mm and 6mm
for optimal eyebrow shaping

 2mm and 4mm comb attachment
to uniform hair length

Styler cap
for hygiene, for easy carry.

I had tried both the shaping and trimming with the comb attachment.
I really like the comb attachment.
Apply/ trim your eyebrow with reverse direction.
Easy to have an uniform eyebrows hair length.
Previously, without this Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer, I have to use a mascara brush and eyebrow scissor.
It's really spend time and sometimes hair length also hard to control.
However, Veet solved the problem.
Quick and Good Result.
* be caution :- the 2mm is really too short for me; 4mm perfect

However, for the trimming head, maybe lack of practice?
I'm still not so familiar in shaping my eyebrows.
But, the 2-sided trimming head also can be use to trim other part of the face, eg. upper lips, chin, sideburns.
And, I also use it to trim the hair on my finger and on toes.
Easy, Fast and no fear of cuts.



Underarm and Bikini Line/ Area
 20mm trimming head
for underarm trim and bikini lines trim

Comb attachment
to uniform hair length

With the comb attachment, it's really easy to use on our sensitive part.
No fear of cuts and it's fast.
* the hair will be very short

However, for underarm, I more prefer to use Epilator.
Because my hair growth cycle very fast.
If i'm use trimming, then I think I need to trim once every two (2) days?!

I still remember the very 1st time, I used razors for my underarm hair removal.
And, I get cuts by the blades.
I think most of the people will also faced this problems.
Veet electric trimmer really do as what they claim, no fear of cuts.

and, it's really hard to make cleaning on the razors.
wash with water, scared rusty.
use brush, the blades will 'cut' the brush.
use tissues, may cut the hand.
Veet electric trimmer, the trimming head will not cut our hand even we touch on it.
A brush was given for cleaning purpose, wipe away hair and dust.
And, the trimmer heads can directly rinse with clean tap water.
* avoid to wash the main body of the device


Beauty Pouch
for you to carry everywhere
even also good for storage

Really like the eyebrows trimming function.
Quick & Gentle
High Precision
No Fear of Cuts

Give Veet a try if you really wish to have a gentle and precise trimmer.
Eyebrows speak before you do
Eyebrows, the 1st 'makeup' that most important

#VeetMalaysia #VeetMY #MYVeetSensitiveTouch

【Product Review】 My Office All Day Healthy Drinks Routine - LYNNITY Natural Supplements

How do you kick start your day? For me, a healthy breakfast is important. Not only the food is important, but also the wellness supple...

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